falling in love


Hi, I’m Audrey.  As a native of Denver, Colorado, and having been raised a city girl, I could never envision living anywhere else, or outside of the big city….then I met my future husband.  Paul attended Lyndon State College and always wanted to come back to the Northeast Kingdom.  So, in 1999 he convinced me to give it a try and we moved to Vermont with our three young children. It’s been 19 years and we haven’t looked back since! Vermont has embedded itself into my heart and I just can’t leave. Yep, I Fell In Love!

Five years ago we moved from Burke Hollow, an elevation of 600 feet, to Wheelock, and an elevation of 1800 feet. With the beautiful view from above and nature all around, I was inspired to create a quiet, relaxing and private space to recharge one’s soul within nature. 



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